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Akoo Grey Warthog Jeans

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Akoo Smokehouse Jeans

buy Akoo jeans now — Akoo Smokehouse Jeans
Akoo Boundary Jeans

buy Akoo jeans now — Akoo Boundary Jeans
Akoo Washed Smokehouse Jeans

buy Akoo jeans now — Akoo Washed Smokehouse Jeans
Akoo Black Warthog Jeans

buy Akoo jeans now — Akoo Black Warthog Jeans

Akoo Jeans

One hip hop clothing line that is fairly new on the fashion scene is Akoo clothing. The Akoo clothing line was founded by rapper T.I. along with Jason Geter. T.I. and Geter also founded Grand Hustle Records. There is a meaning behind the name Akoo that is also significant to the purpose of this hip hop line. Akoo shirts and Akoo jeans are also in for some changes coming up soon, as T.I. says they are making the line more upscale.

Akoo stands for “A King of Oneself”. T.I. says that kings are among us and they know how to rock their style. These were the consumers or the “kings” that T.I. wants to define Akoo clothing. Akoo jeans are a part of the Akoo line that is growing in depth and popularity. Akoo jeans are fresh but they are also affordable and this is what they hip hop clothing fan loves.

Akoo jeans are available in several colors and styles. Akoo jeans come in various shades of blue, grey, black, and even green. Akoo is known for their popular military style and this may be seen with the Marsh Jean in emerald which is more of an army green. Not only do these jeans come in solids but they are available in hot creative designs as well.

The Everest Jean by Akoo comes in Black Crystal. These Akoo jeans are interesting because they are two toned in a bold way. These jeans start out white at the waist and dramatically turn to dark charcoal. This strong contrast of white and black make these Akoo jeans stand out from the rest. These unique pants are sold at retail for $125.00.

The Blue Trout jean from Akoo is another interesting piece. These Akoo jeans feature a horca wash which looks a little like someone took beach and splattered it all over a park of dark jeans. The dark indigo is disrupted by large, bright white splatters throughout. However, these Akoo jeans are definitely not messy and these “stains” are just a form of fashion. These Blue Trout jeans are priced at $100.00.

To buy Akoo jeans check out their collection on the official website and blog, To find great deals on Akoo jeans check out DrJays has a few great deals on Akoo jeans starting at $42.99.


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